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Obituaries title

It is with great sorrow, that the RSA announces that it has recently been notified of the deaths of the following colleagues
(Notifications given in previous years can be found in the Obituary Archives.)

SurnameForename/InlsGradeLast LocationDate
McWigganThomas JDG TelecommunicationsCAA House02 January 2016
PavittAlbert EATCO 1Prestwick Airport04 January 2016
SehgalDes RBand 4Heathrow Airport05 January 2016
ConnellBarbara AATSA 2CAA House07 January 2016
McLellanNeil DSRG Level 6Flight Ops, Aviation House12 January 2016
RustHerbert S JPPTOA/C Systems at Redhill12 January 2016
SilcockJohn ECACO 2LATCC12 January 2016
GurrGeoffrey BGrade BCommander CAFU16 January 2016
FosterJoan BTelephonistLATCC18 January 2016
EvansMargaretBand 4LATCC19 January 2016
EvansMargaretBand 4LATCC19 January 2016
MurdockElizabeth MATSA 3ScOACC21 January 2016
SkudderDoreen EGrade AAAviation House, Gatwick22 January 2016
BaileyBrian WPPTO(A)CAA House23 January 2016
CurrieThomas HCACO 3ScATCC Prestwick26 January 2016
HarperPeter JTest PilotAviation House Gatwick29 January 2016
LeemingFrankATCO 1LATCC31 January 2016
HughesBernard JD/D, CATO (2)Hillingdon House04 February 2016
ToddJohn SAOAviation House, Edinburgh09 February 2016
HayesWilliam FATE 1Heathrow Airport19 February 2016
PoulterGeorge JATE 1Tels N20 February 2016
PurnellDavid LATCO 1LATCC20 February 2016
HillierJoan EClerical AssistantHeston24 February 2016
NoverrazJean MTelephonistGatwick25 February 2016
GibsonAndrew HTA 3 DriverLowther Hill LRRS26 February 2016
BlythJohn LATSA 2Edinburgh Airport02 March 2016
KnightGeorge TATCO 2LATCC02 March 2016
IstedGraham BATSA 4Gatwick Airport06 March 2016
LinzeyPeter RSATETels Barnsford06 March 2016
MiddletonDavidA/SATEPrestwick07 March 2016
PenfoldJack AATE 1CAA House14 March 2016
LindsayJohn SATCO 1Manchester Airport17 March 2016
JelleyDenis JTA 2Gatwick Airport18 March 2016
HuntPenelope JMSC 6Swanwick19 March 2016
StevensJohnATSA 1Edinburgh21 March 2016
WattJeannie A TPBX OperatorAberdeen21 March 2016
FaullJune RPhotoprinter 2CAA House22 March 2016
BrownColin GSTPOLATCC23 March 2016
FeastPeter B PATSA 2Stansted Airport24 March 2016
EmeryDavidATE 1LATCC26 March 2016
HanleyEric TOO1 Head of Ops AdminCAA House26 March 2016
StrongmanEdwardPTMGGatwick26 March 2016
HockingThomas TATCO 2Bournemouth27 March 2016
ChildsArthur FSATELATCC02 April 2016
CookMuriel OTelephonistStansted Airport06 April 2016
BenthamRalphATE 2St Annes LRRS08 April 2016
MarchantAlbert CDD TelsCAA House11 April 2016
BraceyAlec S FEOAviation House, London13 April 2016
JamesChristopher GATSA 4Bournemouth15 April 2016
KahnMaria LATSA 2LATCC15 April 2016
WinstoneHarry EATo 2RAE, Larkhill18 April 2016
SpearingJohn GATSA 2Boscombe Down25 April 2016
PittRonald AATE 2ATCEU, Bournemouth02 May 2016
McQuaidWinifredEOHillingdon House, Uxbridge06 May 2016
KnightMaurice GATE 2SAMU07 May 2016
KearlNormanATCO 1LATCC09 May 2016
WatkinHarry RATE 2ScOACCC15 May 2016
BlackettKennethATE 1ScATCC20 May 2016
HoareGladys HAACAA House20 May 2016
BargmanBetty RSupv TelephonistLATCC21 May 2016
MathiesonRobertSSL (TA IV)Prestwick25 May 2016
MaleNormal R (Dick)Band 12.3CAA House29 May 2016
McCowieJanetteATSA 2ScOATCC31 May 2016
HillierFrederick WHEOLATCC02 June 2016
KlempererThomas GJMG 2CAA House9 June 2016
RichardsLindsay ETelephonistHurn6 June 2016
HillMargaret MCACAA House8 April 2016
MacGregorAlan GD Quality ControlAirworthiness Division11 June 2016
ChisholmJean MJMG 5LATCC16 June 2016
MartinChristine TBand 2Gatwick7 June 2016
CookMichael RATE 1LATCC10 June 2016
BirdAnthonySATEStansted27 July 2016
BerfieldPearlSTPOLATCC7 June 2016
MacauleyNeil JATSA 4LATCC17 July 2016
HamiltonMarion STelephonistEdinburgh Airport19 July 2016
RobertshawJune MATSA 2Manchester Airport3 July 2016
SheaPaulATSA 3LATCC2 August 2016
DownsAlan WATSA 4Gatwick Airport25 July 2016
SimsRichard E FATE 2Gatwick Airport21 July 2016
BearchellRobert JATCE 5LATCC12 July 2016
PreedyKeith BBand 12Gatwick15 August 2016
LeonardiMarie J BHEOWellington Street8 August 2016
BishopJean KBand 5.1LATCC18 August 2016
NandiBimal CPTO 3CAA House7 July 2016
GrundeyDoreenTelephonistManchester18 August 2016
HallErnest PGrade C (DD Tels)Space House28 August 2016
HallinRaymond JHEOCAA House7 August 2016
MilliganRobert AJMG 2Aviation House, Gatwick10 August 2016
RobertsJohn ASMG 2Aviation House, Gatwick19 August 2016
JonesALanATCO 1LATCC26 September 2016
RumblesPeter FATSA 2Heathrow28 September 2016
DavidAsher SATE 2Manchester Airport23 September 2016
FlackMichael JJMG 5CESG CAA House24 August 2016
BoydWilliamATE 2Glasgow Airport6 October 2016
ParryIvor LATE 2Runcorn8 October 2016
BlackerCharles DATCO 2Atlantic House, Prestwick9 October 2016
ChaterAdrian WATCO 1Manchester Airport31 August 2016
BirtlesJuneSTPOManchester Airport28 September 2016
FinchPeter DATSA 4CTC Whiteley29 September 2016
BalfourJames KATE 2 NAMU, Runcorn18 September 2016
MorrisJames HJMG 6CAA House16 October 2016
McIntoshJohnSMG 2D CS CAA House26 October 2016
HollingtonHenry JATE 2Great Dun Fell Radio Station27 October 2012
RaingerVivien DAOAviation House14 September 2016
GreenoughJean BPhotoprinter 2LATCC7 November 2016
FosterReginald A WATCO 2Manchester Airport10 November 2016
KingRichard P JFEBournemouth10 November 2016
RootsJoyce MSTPOAIS Pinner5 November 2016
KingRobert A SATCO 1LATCC10==31 October 2016
WhitingHarold DATCO 2LATCC14 November 2016
Russell-SmithFrances PATCO 2Hurn24 November 2016
ScobbieDonald MPTMGBahamas Regional Office4 December 2016

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