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Obituaries title

It is with great sorrow, that the RSA announces that it has recently been notified of the deaths of the following colleagues
(Notifications given in previous years can be found in the Obituary Archives.)

SurnameForename/InlsGradeLast LocationDate
DowningEileen MMSG 8Claxby Radar Station04 January 2014
MatthewsDouglas V JATCO 2Aberdeen06 January 2014
OverfieldLeonardPTOGatwick06 January 2014
DelaneyAnneMessengerCentral Services, CAA House06 January 2014
TaylorAlan WHead of ATCScOATCC10 January 2014
HolmesRoyATCO 2LATCC10 January 2014
WalfordHenley JATE 1Stansted11 January 2014
AckersNancy BD Safety, CAA House11 January 2014
HarperWinifred KMessengerCAA House12 January 2014
ParrinWilliam RATE 1Bournemouth12 January 2014
GeorgeAudrey M PCOPrestwick13 January 2014
RushworthCyril FATCO 2LATCC15 January 2014
WebberMaurice AATSA 4Gatwick Airport16 January 2014
GrantKenneth RPPTO (A)A&C, Aviation House, Gatwick25 January 2014
JonesGwilymATCO 1LATCC25 January 2014
ErlClive E GATCO 1LATCC26 January 2014
WisemanAlbertATCO 2Manchester27 January 2014
GallierLeoATE 2Warlingham Radio Station29 January 2014
HuggettHarryMachine Hand ATEE Gatwick29 January 2014
GarrettIrene KBand 4.2Birmingham Airport30 January 2014
ClarkDoreen LCAPinner04 February 2014
SanterDavid GATCE 3LATCC12 February 2014
LowePatrick H GATCO 1LATCC13 February 2014
KingDouglas ICraftsmanTEE Gatwick14 February 2014
TaylorEdna PDP7CAA House19 February 2014
CromptonJohn WATCO 2CAA House19 February 2014
CruxEdith VATSA 2CAA House21 February 2014
ChristopherHannah MBand 3CAA House23 February 2014
MortonMichaelATE 1ATMDC, Bournemouth25 February 2014
NichollsStanley AATCA 1Prestwick Airport02 March 2014
JudsonJohn DPTO 1/7Redhill02 March 2014
GillJames RATCO 1Birmingham Airport09 March 2014
McSkimmingJohnATE 1Manchester Airport14 March 2014
Alistair Nicholson has reported that the funeral of John McSkimming, former AGSRO, IPMS, CATB and CAA Trade Union Side Representative,will be held at 14.00 on Tuesday 25 April (March ? ) at Macclesfield Crematorium.
IrvineJamesGeneral HandBelfast Airport13 March 2014
BellReginaldATE 1CTE Bletchley22 March 2014
BerryPeterATCO 1Prestwick23 March 2014
JoyesDonald SATE 2Gatwick Airport13 March 2014
WildeyFlorence LAOHeathrow Airport28 March 2014
BarnesJoshuaATE 1Prestwick3 April 2014
GibsonJohn RTA 2 StoremanPailton4 April 2014
HartWilliam ROO 1Aviation House11 April 2014
SaundersChristopher WBoard Member 28 March 2014
FoxIvy JGov. TeleBirmingham Airport12 April 2014
HallDenis MD/D Grade CSpace House9 April 2014
BerryJeanne LAAAviation House, Gatwick8 April 2014
HannaBill (William) WSMG 1CAA House11 April 2014
ConnorRolandATE 1Manchester Airport18 April 2014
RosieJames GATSA 2Edinburgh Airport2 April 2014
HelmoreDerek EDeputy DirectorAviation House, Gatwick8 February 2014
LaneKennethBand 3 DriverCardiff Airport24 April 2014
KilfordReginald ACraftsmanGatwick Airport7 April 2014
MooreMargaret EBand 4Cheltenham28 April 2014
WoodbridgeVictor FATE 1Heathrow Airport27 April 2014
FlookJohnAte 1Manchester Airport3 May 2014
DayMuriel LCleanerCTe Bletchley Park10 March 2014
WadeJohn MBand 12.3CAA House9 May 2014
McQuakerRoland GATCO 2Stansted Airport30 April 2014
Rosenorn-LanngMichael JOO 2London20 July 2013
ClarkNeil RMT EngineerInverness16 May 2014
MurrayJean AATSA 2ScOATCC12 May 2014
HallMargaretPart Time CleanerBarton Hall29 May 2014
DunnCharles MSTPOBelfast Airport30 May 2014
HoltonRonald NATCO 1Edinburgh Airport27 May 2014
RyanAnnePABX TelephonistLATCC8 June 2014
SutcliffeJohn Stanley'B' Director AccountsShell Mex House12 June 2014
JonesEvan JATCO 2Cardiff Airport17 June 2014
LesleyRonald AATCO 2Cardiff Airport9 June 2014
GowansMasieSTPOScOATCC28 May 2014
BurkeDonal WATE 1LATCC9 May 2014
SimmonsPhilip LATCO 1LATCC12 June 2014
MooreJohn GATCO 1Bournemouth13 June 2014
HigginsMaureen VTelephonistManchester Airport27 March 2014
WinterJohn HElectrical FitterTEE Gatwick4 June 2014
BonnickMary A MEOCAA House15 June 2014
BickerPeterTA 3 DriverPrestwick Airport16 June 2014
ShawJohn LATCO 2ScOATCC17 June 2014
BurwoodElsie FAOERG Licensing, CAA House22 June 2014
HartOwen BATCO 2LATCC30 June 2014
RodgersMichaelATCE 3SDMU Barnsford3 July 2014
RingDavid RSATECAA House4 July 2014
HamerBarrieEngineeringLATCC6 July 2014
BurkeJohn EATCO 2Hurn8 July 2014
PinnerCarolyn EAudio TypistAviation House, Kingsway14 July 2014
ClarkeDonaldSATECAA House2 July 2014
DavisMaureen HBand 3.1Stroud16 July 2014
GilmerTerence AATCO 2Bournemouth4 July 2014
BroadClifford DATCO 1LATCC8 May 2014
MacphersonIan PFiremanBenbecula3 July 2014
BrysonBarbara DATSA 2ScOATCC31 July 2014
McIntyreJohn WSMG 1CAA House, London31 July 2014
DimondKeith BATSA 2Stansted Airport6 August 2014
SmithMarian EEOCAA House22 May 2014
LeggWilliam JATE 1LATCC5 August 2014
ThomasGeoffrey W FATCO 2ScOATCC7 August 2014
HarfordPatricia HCOBournemouth Airport9 August 2014
PendergastBetty ISenior Personal SecretaryCAA House15 August 2014
BlythDerekSATCOLATCC9 August 2014
SmithDenis SATCE 3Heathrow14 August 2014
BloodworthJohn MATCO 2LATCC26 June 2014
WilsonLawrence RSTPO CRedhill7 August 2014
RedversHaslamATCO 2LATCC26 August 2014
JeffriesMichael J JSRG Level 3Aviation House, Gatwick29 August 2014
CozensGerard A WOO2Aviation House, Gatwick30 August 2014
DawesIanATE 2Prestwick Airport30 August 2014
UttridgeHugh GFOIGatwick1 September 2014
KempRonald CC-Manager, Personnal ServicesAviation House22 August 2014
BurgessFrancis JSTPOLiverpool Airport27 August 2014
BeaverMichael JSTPOLATCC28 August 2014
MartinCatherineBand 3Hillingdon House1 September 2014
BradleyDonald G HBand 2.2Gatwick7 September 2014
HintonEric ESTPOHeathrow13 April 2014
HallRonald CATCO 2LATCC4 June 2014
WingroveVictor GATE 1Burrington LRRS9 August 2014
EddlestonLeonard MATE 2Ash LRRS9 September 2014
EdwardsAlan JPATECAA House14 September 2014
CaylessBrian LPTOLATCC7 August 2014
GarrattBrian SA/ATSA 4CACC Heathrow21 September 2014
HathawayVictor NPTOTEE Gatwick24 September 2014
CurtisEleanor LOO 2Aviation House21 July 2014
TurnerWilliam RCACO 3Pailton RMS2 September 2014
StaveleyRuth MTelephonistCheltenham18 September 2014
MackayHelen MP/T CleanerWick Aerodrome2 October 2014
WoodRonale DATE 2Heathrow5 October 2014
JohnsonDouglas WPSAviation House, London17 October 2014
CummingsJohnATCO 2LATCC4 October 2014
CardAlfred MATCO 2Prestwick23 October 2014
AshmoreAlan SSMG 1Design & Manufacturing, Aviation House Gatwick2 October 2014
WilcocksonGerald FPATETels N.I HQ7 October 2014
McConnellIain JATCO 2Port Ellen Aerodrome22 October 2014
BoydRonald ATA 3Inverness Airport23 October 2014
YoungDerek RATE 1Heathrow Airport1 November 2014
AirleyBessie ETelephonistHeathrow Airport4 November 2014
KentEvelyn MSpecialist TypistRedhill14 September 2014
CreaseEric THEOPinner28 September 2014
StevensPeter JATE 2Gatwick6 November 2014
JohnstonRobin DJMG6 ATCEU Bournemouth1 November 2014
O’SullivanSheumasATCA 1LATCC24 October 2014
BallingerJocelynP/T TelephonistCheltenham12 November 2014
MitchellWilliamATSAScOACC17 November 2014
BaileyPhilip WATE 1ATCEU24 November 2014
HornerEdithSTPOTels, Heathrow17 November 2014
BaxterJames GATCO 1DAT & S (ATMDC)24 November 2014
BurrPeter SATE 2TEE Gatwick25 November 2014
NunnIrene MChief Supervisor TelephonistsGatwick Airport30 November 2014
OwenRobert CSupt STPOLATCC2 December 2014
IrwinIan R MATCO 2LATCC21 November 2014
MacgregorUna MTA IVInverness Airport16 November 2014
GregoryJanet R BTelephonist SupervisorPrestwick Airport7 December 2014
JonesFrancis LCACO 3Tels, Heathrow11 November 2014
ChappelKennethBand 9.4FCU Stanstead13 December 2014
RandallPeterATCO 2LATCC28 November 2014
SymesDavid ACOCAA House28 November 2014
HobbsAnn C DSTAR 3CTC28 December 2014
GriffinMinniePaper KeeperCAA House30 December 2014
WrightCliffordSATE OGC 30Hillingdon House25 November 2014
KidneyRichardPTMGGatwick28 December 2014
McClureAnnie MCOCAA House30 December 2014
SchaferHedley RATCO 2CATC, Bournemouth9 January 2015
TuppenyPamela ETelephonistBirmingham Airport18 December 2014
MooneyLeonard WC (DDirector, Ops)Mersey House, Liverpool27 December 2014
SpriggsThomas FC-Deputy DirectorOSO, Aviation House13 January 2015
MackinnonAlan NATCA 2Inverness Airport19 January 2015
MackellarAlexander CC-Tels RadarCAA House12 January 2015
HodkinsonWilliam EPATECAA House30 December 2014
ThomasMichael SOO 2Aviation House Gatwick15 January 2015
TambyrajahChristopher TSTPOLATCC23 January 2015 *
MackayNoel AATSA 2Glasgow Airport23 December 2014
CraigieCathleen FCOAviation House, Edinburgh5 January 2015
BarrowDoreen PatriciaCALiverpool Airport8 January 2015
MercerJohn EChief Superintendent STPOHeathrow Airport13 December 2014
McCloyRodneyBand 8.2CAA House, London29 January 2015
BerryJames EPPTOMalaysia (KL)20 January 2015
WigmoreBruce TPTMGChief Executive’s Office, CAA House31 December 2014
SmithDouglas WCOCheltenham28 January 2015
SimpsonStewart MPATEEdinburgh1 February 2015
ThompsonAlbert MC-Head of StatisticsCAA House22 January 2015
MansonPeter GATCO 1LATCC8 February 2015
ChambersGeorge LATCO 1Bournemouth12 February 2015
BishopNora ICOWest Drayton16 February 2015
LoosemoreJohnATE 1TEE Gatwick17 December 2014
CooperKenneth GSATELATCC12 February 2015
MartinPhilip JATCO 1Hurn Airport26 February 2015
Bernard GSenior CraftsmanATCEU, Bournemouth (Hurn) Airport3 January 2015
LordFrankSMG2Powerplant Office, Derby6 March 2015
Beaufont-BishopDouglas JATCO 2ATCEU, Hurn12 March 2015
FoxEric WCACO 3Heathrow8 February 2015
FlemingMatilda MTelephonistBelfast Airport17 March 2015
McCarthyJames JATE 2LATCC20 March 2015
FeaseyJean A CSTPOGlasgow Airport21 March 2015
HughesDavid ASMG 2Stansted Airport21 March 2015
LoftMurial JEOCAA House1 March 2015
MenelawsAndrewinaBand 3Edinburgh Airport26 February 2015
SaundersonWilliam JSATEBirdlip Radio Station12 March 2015
WeaverDerek JATE 1CAA House28 March 2015
GladwellJohn C RATE 1B Watch, Heathrow Airport1 April 2015
BrankinDesmond JJMG 1CAA House4 April 2015
MorrisAndrewSATEBirmingham Airport1 April 2015
PhippsPamela MTels WSHeathrow Airport30 March 2015
NewmanJoanTelephonistManchester Airport1 April 2015
McCourtneyWilliamina HTelephonistScATCC2 April 2015
LiddardGwynethGrade 9 9 January 2015
PowellMarie ACOCAA House13 April 2015
CargillAlexander GATCA 2Atlantic House, Prestwick3 April 2015
JamesRichard HPATECAA House20 April 2015
FlynnPatrick SATCOLATCC23 April 2015
MacfadyenNonnie Tiree20 April 2015
CollardTerence MATE 1CAA House1 April 2015
ForsythChristopherATSA 2Belfast Airport25 April 2015
McDowallHugh LSenior FE/FOIStansted Airport2 May 2015
GrahamChristopher BSATE Steers House, Liverpool4 May 2015
MacpheeDonaldSection LeaderBenbecula Airport6 May 2015
DalyHarold JATCO 2Atlantic House, Prestwick8 May 2015
MatthewsEricDDHeston9 May 2015
MurphyWinifred ARegistry AssistantLATCC9 May 2015
DorsettAlanTelephonist SuervisorLATCC12 May 2015
ThomasDanSFO(T)1F Ops 6, Stansted4 May 2015
RobinsonPeter BSTPO SuptHeathrow Airport18 March 2015
HowardShirley MEOP&PS, Cheltenham29 April 2015

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